Heirloom Print Collections

Moment collection

Handcrafted Walnut Box, Fifty 4X6 fine-art prints, Custom USB with edited digital photographs in high-resolution, three glass vials

Every silly thing is precious when a story is attached. All those little moments and things matter. "A Moment" collection is for the preservation of a chapter in your story. Your engagement, a season in your child’s life, your beautiful portraits. Inside the handcrafted rustic walnut box you will find fifty fine art prints, a custom USB of your high resolution images, and three glass vials to keep a piece of this treasured moment in your life.

memory Collection

Handcrafted Walnut Box, Seventy 8X10 fine-art prints, Hand-cut leather print satchel, Custom USB with edited digital photographs in high-resolution, five glass vials

You don’t only hold things for their value, but for the places, feelings, and thoughts those things can take you. These are memories that matter, but they do not come in one tightly bound book. A hand written note you received, that familiar smell that represents home, the photographs that have frozen moments. Though you gather those little things that make up your life separately, they are all connected. With "A Memory" collection, you can connect, preserve and keep collecting those beautiful memories.

Print Boxes

A collection of 4 X 6 fine-art prints of your photographs presented in a handcrafted walnut box. Each print box includes a USB of your high resolution edited images.

One Hundred Fifty (150) prints .......... $750

Three Hundred (300) prints ................  $900

Five Hundred (500) prints ..................... $1,250

Eight Hundred (800) prints ................... $1,500

Twelve Hundred (1200) prints ............ $1,950