Stylish Brooklyn Wedding in Crest Hollow Country Club by Brooklyn NYC Photographer Boris Zaretsky

Couples face many choices in planning for their wedding day. Having photographed numerous NYC and Brooklyn weddings, I come to realize that the best choices not always the "safe" or "traditional" ones, but often the ones that fit the couples' personalities, style, and aesthetic. This is an example of a wedding with some non-traditional styling that came out looking great, and fit the two newlyweds perfectly.

Tatyana & Alex's wedding theme played around with modern and whimsical touches. As a Brooklyn wedding photographer, sometimes I see Brooklyn and NYC weddings that have styling that does not reflect the couple. However, in this wedding, the two brought together exquisite styling, their fun loving personalities, and careful personal details that made their wedding stand out.

The ceremony looked like a fairy tale with the unique flower arrangements and the dream-like canopy. Not many grooms may choose a non-traditional pink suit, yet, the suit fit in perfectly with the flower design  and ceremony decorations and styling, and also captured Alex's outgoing personality perfectly.

Here are some kind words from the bride regarding the wedding photographs:

"I can't tell you how many people have complimented us on the fabulous photography from our wedding. It was amazing to watch someone with such an artistic eye at work. We absolutely love them all. Seeing them brought back so many great memories of the day. It was a dream to work with our wedding photographer Boris, he made everyone feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Our pictures are so natural, romantic, and fun! Some of the shots are absolutely priceless, moments captured in time that would've otherwise been missed, especially those pictures where we dance with our guests! Amazing pictures!"

As a Brooklyn wedding photographer in NYC, it is refreshing to see couples make bold choices, because not only are they fun to photograph, but they end up creating a wedding that is meaningful for the couple. This wedding was featured on KnotsVillaCheck out the images below!

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